Junk in the Trunk

Just in Time for Spring Cleaning!!!

Junk in the Trunk Car 2019
Saturday, April 6th 2019
7:00 - 11:00 am
at the Rancho Santa Susana Community Center
Parking Lot

Sell your yard sale items or just come shop for treasures.
Interested in selling your items? Spaced limited. CLICK HERE to Register! 

Vendor Information: PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. $25 per registration, limit of one registration per household. Registered vendors may arrive at 5:30 am. Vendors will not be permitted after 6:30 am as all vendors should be in their designated space at that time. The booth spaces are reserved with the intent that your vehicle would occupy one of the two parking spaces allocated, with the second parking space for additional items. Both your vehicle and merchandise must fit within the boundary of your space (2 standard parking spaces). Oversized vehicles, trailers, etc. are not permitted. For pedestrian safety, once your vehicle is in your designated space, it must remain there through the duration of the event. Vendors will be placed upon arrival that morning. Any items not sold must be taken with you or can be donated to the Rescue Mission Truck onsite. Any available dumpsters are for customer and staff use only.

Please email laura@rsrpd.us or rssccstaff@rsrpd.us with any further questions or concerns.