Pokemon Hunt Simi Valley



Hunt down elusive Pokemon characters around Simi Valley this winter, beginning December 2017.  Locate the invisible Pokemon stencil on concrete paths in eight of our parks which will only appear when you get them wet.  NO APP REQUIRED, just a water bottle or water toy.  Have fun finding them and share your images on our Facebook page. Hidden locations within each park are in the clues below.  Take a selfie or group picture at each spot and when you have captured all eight, come to the Sycamore Drive Community Center (1692 Sycamore Drive), M-F, 8:00 am-4:30 pm to collect a Pokemon Pack (while supplies last). Hidden images are expected to last until June depending on the weather.  

Rancho Simi Community Park - 1765 Royal Ave
Among my fellow Duck, my headaches are a constant cluck.  I'm in front of my family info board, upon a walkway that is very much explored.

Rancho Tapo Community Park - 3700 Avenida Simi
I'll admit I'm rather slow, I honestly like to fish with the flow.  Although I don't get much exercise, I'm directly in front of the gym that runs length wise.

Santa Susana Train Depot - 6503 Katherine Rd
My favorite activities are to swim and play, I often dart about with a great big neigh.  I see the rail roads at the track as I watch the trains criss-cross and back.

Knolls Station - 1262 Cypress St
The family squad is my one true home.  I protect myself in my little, tiny dome.  I'm near the drinking fountains, clear as day.  My buddies at the fire house will light the way.

Strathearn Historical Park - 137 Strathearn Pl (check rsrpd.org for museum hours
I'm the friendly giant of the sea.  Old, tall and wise but always free.  Look to history, you'll find me near, its aging year after year, among the dark sea.

Rancho Madera Community Park - 556 N. Lake Park Dr
Among the Dark Sea, you'll wish you have never seen me.  You'll find me on the Center Stage on a star filled with lights and rage.

Simi Dog Park - 2151 Lost Canyons Dr
Just like pups, I too have many forms, changing my shape is among the norm.  The sky is big and blue all round.  I'll meet you behind the dog statue where all is sound.

Sinaloa Golf Course - 980 Madera Rd
Coming up to the first Tee, for as far as the eye can see, I gaze upon the crystal pond, where I see all my fishy friends splash and bond.