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Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District hosts many different types of productions each year from still photography to full length feature films.  We have a vast range of filming locations including neighborhood parks, desert trails, athletic fields, open grasslands and oak woodlands.  We are located in the studio zone and are known for our film-friendly policies and reasonable rates.  

The District has many different parks and open space locations to choose from when considering where to film.  Please take a look around our web site for location information and lists of amenities.  Our park and trail location guide is a handy tool to use when looking for different locations and we are always available to make recommendations or answer questions over the phone. 

All commerical photography, whether it be still or motion picture, must have a permit issued by our offices if conducted in any of parks or facilities.  

Wide Selection of Locations
Corriganville Park, a designated film location park, is located on the east end of the valley (at the end of Smith Drive) and was once a working tourist attraction and movie set that is still in use today for filming movies, TV shows and commercials. There are many different areas that make up this fascinating and unique location though the original sets were destroyed in two separate fires, one in 1970 and the other in 1979.  Nowadays you can walk along nature trails, through groves of historic oak trees, and see where the original lagoon was once located for underwater filming.  Our handy Corriganville Park Map helps to identify each of the different areas that comprise this unique location.  

Simi Valley has two wonderful golf courses that are available for filming, Simi Hills Golf Course, located on Alamo Street, and Sinaloa Golf Course, located on Madera Street.  Please feel free to visit each golf course's webpage for further information.  

Strathearn Historical Park is located on the west end of Simi Valley and is a popular destination for film makers and the general public.  Please check out Strathearn's web site here, which also contains information on filming, hours of operation, and pictures of the park.  

Simi Valley's only public pool can be found at Rancho Simi Community Park and is a film friendly location.  If you would like to scout at this location, feel free to drop by when the pool is open but please check in with the Supervisor on Duty at the front desk before you look around or take pictures.  

Santa Susana Depot & Railway is a historic park that is popular with photographers and is available for commerical photography and film making.  Please check their website for details and for more information on this wonderfully restored railway depot.  

Base Camps
Filming in Simi Valley and need off-street areas for base camps?  Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District can offer multiple areas to accommodate filming trucks, large vehicles, meal areas and parking of personnel vehicles.    

Film Permit Procedures
All film permit fee quotes and scheduling availability start with the completion and submission of our New Film Permit Request Form located in the Film Permit Document section.  Please submit this form, with all known information to date, via email ( or in person at our District offices located at 4201 Guardian Street, Simi Valley.  We know time can be an important factor so we strive to respond to all submissions as soon as we can.  If you need an immediate estimate of pricing, please refer to this PDF of Facility Fees under the Park and Facilities tab - Facility Use, Fees and Conditions Info.

Student Filming
Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District offers special pricing for current registered film students.  If you are a student and need a film permit, please additionally complete the student area of the New Permit Film Request Form.