Mae Boyar


Registration Packets for Open Enrollment are now available at the Community Center  Or click:

(Call 818-895-9304 for more information) 

You may pick up a packet at the Mae Boyar ASC, Oak Park Community Center, or go online :)

Welcome to Mae Boyar ASC 2017-2018.    
FOR INFORMATION on how to enroll your child, please click the link
to the right or contact the Oak Park Community Center & Gardens
office at 818-865-9304 :)

Late Pick up: A late fee will be added to your account in the amount of $10.00 every 15 minutes or portion thereof, after 3pm or 6pm. If you know prior to pick up that you will be late, a courtesy call to us would be greatly appreciated.
*Illness Policy: As a friendly reminder- any child who has been out sick should be 24 hour symptom free before returning to the club.

Boyar ASC Philosophy: It is our goal to: 
  • Remind every child that they are special
  • Let every child know they have a gift 
  • Allow every child to be themselves
  • Help every child make memories, to share for years to come ....

The Mae Boyar ASC is dedicated to helping every child in the program have a positive and fun experience. In order to achieve this goal, it’s important that parents regularly communicate with leadership staff. Please let the Site Director know of any reasonable accommodations that can be made to ensure that your child achieves success within the program. Any information that may help to troubleshoot, or avoid any issues with your child throughout their time in the program should be communicated on a regular basis. Although we cannot accommodate a one to one ratio for your child, our staff can work alongside aides that have been appointed to your child should they need one. The program typically functions with a 1 to 10 participant ratio, with many of the planned activities taking place in a group setting. Should it be observed by the Site Director that this setup is not creating a successful environment for you child, a parent /director conference will be scheduled to discuss all options.