Medea Creek Teen Club

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***Any and all changes (including withdrawal from the program), must be communicated before the
25th of each month. All changes are effective on the 1st of the month and not before.

What is the Medea Creek Teen Club?
The goal of this after-school program is to empower youth to make an impact on their community, build and maintain relationships with peers and adults, and express tolerance and respect for their culture and the culture of others. The program is run in a way that enables all participants to become experienced in setting goals, exploring future career paths, and learning skills that will equip them for future employment, including technological skills. 

All teens will have access to homework assistance as well as the necessary materials, including computers, to assist them in their academic success. In addition, the mission is to develop a teen’s capacity to choose positive behaviors that will nurture their own well-being, establish good character and positive self-image, and set personal life goals. The Teen Club encourages youth to hone their creativity through advanced crafts, participate in their local community by visiting the Animal Shelter and Senior Center, and build relationships through teambuilding activities of all kinds. Teens are coached in life skills that include cooking, nutrition, fitness, interpersonal and social skills, a foundation in finances while focusing on having a positive, respectful attitude.

There are many unique opportunities to practice the skills they are acquiring in the form of excursions to escape rooms, large group activities like mini golf and Ga-ga Ball, and guest speakers from as close as Oak Park and as far as Costa Rica. At their core, activities promote fitness, the positive use of leisure time, stress management skills, and appreciation for a healthy lifestyle.
All activities are supervised by RSRPD staff.