Red Oak Before and After School Club

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  • Children can be dropped off between 6:45am- 8:00am
  • All Kindergartners are escorted to their line up area in the Kinder yard. Counselors wait until their teacher gets there.
  • 1st-5th graders are dismissed at 8:05 so they can walk to their line up areas.
  • No snack is provided by the club during morning care, but your child may eat whatever they bring with them. 
PM Care:

  • Starts as soon as school ends.
  • The latest you can pick up your child is 6:00pm, after that there is a $15 charge for every 15 mins.
  •  Kindergartners are picked up by the counselors in the Kinder yard at the end of the school day.
  • 1st-5th graders walk over by themselves to the bungalows by the garden/ soccer field and get signed in at the ramp. 
  • If your child did not get signed in and we have not heard from the parent/ gaurdians that they are not attending today, we will call you to make sure they are where they are supposed to be.
  • Snack is served at 3:00pm every day. If your child does not like our snack, they are encouraged to get a snack that they have brought from home. 
  • When picking up your child please make sure you bring a picture ID; if an ID is not provided we CAN NOT let you sign out. Anyone that is on the 'pick up list' that you provided can pick up your child as long as they have provided a picture ID. If they are not on the 'pick up list' we will NOT release your child. 
  • We have set activities every 30 mins. Activities: art, outside free play, inside free play with toys, group games both inside and outside, board games, etc...
  • If your child has an allergy please let us know right away so we can properly protect your child. 
Full Days (These are days when the school is closed but we are still open):

  • We are open from 6:45am - 6:00pm 
  • Drop off and pick up can be done at any point durning club hours. 
  • Make sure you bring a lunch because the school and the club DOES NOT provide a lunch. 
  • We eat lunch around 12:00pm
  • We do provide two snacks; first one is served at 10:00am, second one is served at
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