Sinaloa Teen Club

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***Enrollment changes (including withdraw from the program), must be communicated before the 25th of each month. All changes are effective on the 1st of the month and not before.

What is the Sinaloa Teen Club? 
As Simi Valley grows as a community, so does its never-ending efforts to provide a safe and positive environment for its middle schoolers. Sinaloa Teen Club, now open on site before and after school, helps provide this community’s middle school parents a new and innovative resource for their child’s personal growth and safety.

The Teen Club provides countless benefits for all parents in the community. The Teen Club is structured to help each and every child that attends grow with the use of special programming geared towards improving leadership skills, environmental awareness, academic success, and personal growth and development. These programs reach outside of the children’s everyday curriculum to help the teens gain extensive knowledge on all subjects’ life has to offer.

The Teen Club is also a great asset when monitoring your child’s whereabouts. Working parents who want to have their child accounted for before school, after school, and during school breaks rely on the Teen Club heavily. The Teen Club will always be in constant contact with all parents both through phone and email, providing updates with the club, their child’s behavior, their child’s progress, and updates on the programs we are running with them.

For parents concerned with their child’s socialization skills, the Teen Club provides a unique opportunity for meaningful friendships and relationships. The Teen Club strives on being a place free of judgment and free of the constant pressures today’s youth face. With the support of the clubs exceptional staff we are able to help integrate teens that are more introverted, with their fellow classmates. This has been a great benefit to a lot of the children that have been attending the Teen Club.
The Teen Club creates a sense of security for all who attend and for the parents of all of our members. We pride ourselves in being a club both teens and parents can be proud of. We are continuously making sure all of the members of the program are constantly growing and learning above and beyond the norm. We encourage everyone to be who they are and to embrace the person they are becoming. We welcome all of today’s youth and we hope we can be a part in your child’s positive growth and middle school experience.