The links below are provided in an attempt to help those in need learn of the various available services and resources that they may find helpful.  The Park District has not fully researched all websites linked and makes no representation in support of the information or various services offered.  We recommend that you carefully review the information and services referenced and make your own determination regarding the accuracy of the information or the value of the services offered.


Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District provides active, healthy, family-oriented parks and recreation activities. We hope that you and your family will take the time to visit the many different parks around town. You can learn more about them and the many recreation activities offered throughout the year on our web site. There are many opportunities to play ball, watch nature, relax, and even reflect on the history of Simi Valley. Our web site also allows you to register for activities on-line, and provides you with the latest information about upcoming events.

The Park District is firmly committed to a drug-free environment, as there are far too many examples of drug use tearing apart families and destroying people’s lives. The potential in each of us should have every opportunity to develop with great friendships, supportive families, healthy relationships, and plenty of opportunities for education and recreational experiences.

The City of Simi Valley, the Simi Valley Unified School District and the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District, representatives of Not One More and members of the faith based community collectively participate on a Heroin Task Force to hear from the community, consider what can be done locally, and develop responsive strategies to help ensure the community of Simi Valley remains strong.

Drug and alcohol abuse can have profound negative consequences for users and also for their family, friends and fellow community members. You may find these resources helpful in learning what to look for and how to respond to a family member or friend’s drug or alcohol use and/or abuse. We hope you find this information helpful. If you have suggestions for improvement, please let us know by clicking on the suggestions tab on our home page and sending us a brief note.

 Miscellaneous Publications\Resources

College Related Resources
(From Affordable Colleges Online's website)
Information on Substance Abuse in College - click here.
nformation about Binge Drinking in College - click here.

"Tri-City Anti-Drug Summit Video"
Click here to view the video.

"Cyber Bullying"
Click here for the Brochure 
(made possible through Ventura County Behavioral Health,
a department of Ventura County Health Care Agency).

Click here for information on Treatments
for addictions.

"Drugs and Alcohol Destroy"
Click here for the tri-fold Brochure with clickable links
(created by the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District).

"KeepSafe Connections"
Click here for a list of Great Contact Information. 

On the Wagon
Everything you Must know about
the Deadly Drug - FLAKKA.

Quit Alcohol - Website
Click here to visit their webpage on
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention.

Recall Report
Reporting on the latest dangerous drugs and
products to keep you and your family safe.

The Rehab Spot

Addiction takes so much away from you: your goals, your dreams, your family, your life, and even the person who you truly are. Luckily, you can take it all back. Contact a dedicated treatment expert today to find a rehab center that will get you back to the right spot.

The Landing - Simi Valley Community Church
Sundays @ 7pm in the Youth Room
Click here to access their website.
The Landing is a youth group for students who have unique life situations that have caused behavior and attitude difficulties, such as addiction, suicidal thoughts, anger issues, depression, or any behaviors that interfere with normal development. The Landing deals with establishing good habits and satisfying, trusting relationships in a 52 week program that focuses on correcting thought patterns and listening with loving, supportive ears.

Maryville University
Youth Smoking and Tobacco Use Prevention
(suicide alertness for everyone, Talk, Ask, Listen and KeepSafe)
3 hour training that prepares anyone age 15 years or older to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first aid resources.
Click here for the Brochure.

"Transitions Program"
Click here for the Brochure. 
Ventura County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)
"My child has Emotional and Behavioral Challenges....How can I find help?"
Here are their brochures:     English Version     Spanish Version

"The Dangers of Vaping:
Understanding the Risks and How to Stop"

Click here to visit webpage.

Community Contact Information
2-1-1 Ventura County
Extensive Resource Links
DIALING 211 will.... connect you with a live person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in
English or Spanish, who can help with information about services available to those in need
including:basic needs resources (i.e. food, clothing, and shelter), physical and mental health
resources, domestic violence services, substance abuse services, employment support,rent and
utility assistance
, senior services, services for persons with disabilities, support for
children, youth and families
, legal assistance and much more.
call 211 (or 800-339-9597)

Alcoholics Anonymous
Changing Tides Treatment Centers
Treatment Centers in Ventura, CA.

Crisis Pregnancy Center
Detox Local
Built By Recovered Addicts To Help People Recover.
Interface Family Services
Family resources, mental health services, referrals,
family violence intervention, substance abuse.
For those affected by someone else's addiction.
Not One More
The Samaritan Center
Assistance with becoming independent and self reliant.
Simi Valley Free Clinic
Medical, dental, counseling, legal services.
Taskforce on Homelessness
Ventura County Behavioral Health, Alcohol and Drug
Programs, Youth Services webpage
Ventura County Child Protective Services
805-654-3200 (24 hrs)
Ventura County Department of Child Support Services
5171 Verdugo Way, Camarillo, CA 93012
Your Voice Counts