Agents of Discovery

Agents of Discovery provides a great way for kids to get out and explore where they live.
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Agents of Discovery is a free, augmented reality, geo-triggered app that gets you outside, active, and engaged in the world around you. With Agents of Discovery, you become a top-secret Agent, dedicated to solving the greatest mysteries of science, culture, technology, and nature. Download the app and the Mission you want to play BEFORE heading out. The app does not require any data or WiFi to run, once it’s been downloaded.

Here’s how it works:
1) Download the app and create an Agent profile.  Free apps are available in Google Play and from the Apple App Store.  

2) Pick a Mission in the area. Download the Mission BEFORE heading to it, so you can play the game without WiFi or a data connection.

3) Use your secret agent tools to find and unlock Challenges.

4)  Complete the Challenge and you may win an award!

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Active Missions:

1.  Corriganville  - you are in for a treat when you accept the mission to discover and explore this fascinating location tucked away between the 118 freeway and the Santa Susana pass road - that is if you are up to the challenge!  Explore this area using the challenges in the mission and learn something new you may have not known before.  Meander the trails while you explore and enjoy!  
Location:  7001 Smith Road, Simi Valley CA 93063

2.  Houghton Schreiber Park - use your challenges to explore one of our oldest parks with it's diverse areas that offers something for everyone.  You can even take in a picnic while you are working your way though learning about this area and discovering something new.
Location:  4333 Township Ave, Simi Valley CA 93063