Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District hosts many different types of productions each year from still photography to full length feature films.  We have a vast range of filming locations including neighborhood parks, desert trails, athletic fields, open grasslands and oak woodlands.  We are located in the studio zone and are known for our film-friendly policies and reasonable rates.  

All commercial photography, whether it be still or motion picture, must have a permit issued by our offices if conducted in any of our parks, trails or facilities.  

Visit us on Facebook - FilmRSRP for location photo's and general information.  

Wide Selection of Locations
Corriganville Park, a designated film location park, is located on the east end of the valley and was once a working tourist attraction and movie set that is still in use today for filming movies, TV shows and commercials. Our handy Corriganville Park Map helps to identify each of the different areas that comprise this unique location.  

Simi Valley has two golf courses that are available for filming, Simi Hills Golf Course, located on Alamo Street, and Sinaloa Golf Course, located on Madera Street.  Please feel free to visit each golf course's webpage for further information.  

Simi Valley's only public pool can be found at Rancho Simi Community Park and is a film friendly location.  If you would like to scout at this location, feel free to drop by when the pool is open but please check in with the Supervisor on Duty at the front desk before you look around or take pictures.  

Oak Park is a residential community located approximately 15 miles from Simi Valley and is still located in the Studio Zone for filming.  Oak Park has an array of parks and trails that can be utilized for all types of film projects as well as a Community Center that contains a small gymnasium with a half size basketball court and beautifully landscaped grounds with a gazebo and water feature.  Please visit the Oak Park page for further information on what they have to offer, or view the pictures in the Film Permit Document bubble.  

Base Camps
Filming in Simi Valley and need off-street areas for base camps?  Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District can offer multiple areas to accommodate filming trucks, large vehicles, meal areas and parking of personnel vehicles.    

Film Permit Procedures
Fill out and submit New Film Permit Request, located in the document section.  No quotes or availability are provided over the phone.  We know time can be an important factor so we strive to respond to all submissions as soon as we can.  If you need an immediate estimate of pricing, please refer to this PDF of Facility Fees - Filming. 

After we have received an application, a quote will sent to you based on the information you have provided.  After the quote has been accepted, the space will be considered reserved.  Insurance and a Hold Harmless are then required, examples and forms are located in the quick link section.   Payment MUST be made before your booking and before the permit is considered finalized.  Payment information is included on the application form.  

A District Ranger and or a Film Monitor may be assigned to your film permit.  At the time of quoting, these items will be added and costs set out in the quote.  

Student Filming
Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District offers special pricing for current registered film students.  If you are a student and need a film permit, please additionally complete the student area of the New Permit Film Request Form.