Before and After School Clubs

RSRPD has expanded it's traditional before and after school offerings to meet the needs of families seeking child care assistance. We are excited to offer our Fall 2020 program PAL (Play and Learn!), a program that includes supervision during virtual learning and our traditional ASC components in a full day program.
The program is designed to adapt with changes made by SVUSD enrollment options, to accommodate students participating in both the virtual or in-person/blended learning models. 

Interest registration is underway at
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PAL Program FAQs 

What is the PAL Program?
The PAL (Play and Learn!) Program is an extension of RSRPD's reputable Before and After School Club. Understanding the need for additional care, in addition to support during Virtual Learning, RSRPD has created a full day program that does just that. With support for completion of Virtual Learning, as well as recreational programs, enrichment opportunities, creativity in the arts, it is a dynamic program that serves to meet the needs and interest of various youth. 

Who can attend? 
The program is designed for youth in grades JK/TK to 6th grade. Those interested in a middle school program should join our interest list at

When does it start and how long does it run? 
PAL begins on Monday, August 17, 2020 and will run through Friday, June 4, 2021. The program covers 198 school days (180) and non-school days (18), including winter and spring breaks. RSRPD is closed for major holidays. 

What is the program fee and how are payments made?
The annual fee is broken into monthly payments of $625/month. Monthly fees are set up to be auto-drawn on the first of every month, August through June. August payment is pro-rated at $313 and June's payment pro-rated at $156. 

What happens if I am late on my payment? 
After 5 days, a late charge of $25 will be added to your account. If payment is not received by the 10th of the month, participants will not be able to attend the PAL program until the account is current. Chronic tardiness on payments may result in removal from the program. 

Where is the PAL program being offered?
We are taking interest lists for all of our traditional Before and After School Club sites. Currently we are taking registration at Houghton Park/Township Elementary, Berylwood Park, Madera Elementary, Wood Ranch Elementary, and Vista Elementary Schools. 

How will my child complete their Virtual Learning?
Participants will be asked to bring their charged Chromebook and other school supplies, as needed, to complete SVUSD assignments. Scheduled time will be allotted for students to complete their Virtual Learning assignments and attend virtual conferencing with their teacher. RSRPD staff will guide student learning and monitor virtual learning calls, but are not responsible for the completion of any SVUSD educational requirements. While our intent is to help each student meet every educational goal, we reserve the right to defer any virtual learning assignments to be completed at home. 

What is the staff to student ratio?
RSRPD strives for a 1:10 staff to student ratio. 

What do I need to bring daily?
Families will be asked to provide the following items daily: Lunch, Morning Snack, Afternoon Snack, Reusable Water Bottle, Basic School Supplies, Charged SVUSD Issued Chromebook. All items should be labeled with the youth's name. 

Who will be working at the PAL Program? 
RSRPD's Before and After School Club staff will be assigned to this program. Staff are trained in CPR and First Aid and attend site specific training, crafted to ensure social distancing, sanitizing measures and other health requirements are met. A Site Director will be assigned to each location to monitor the day to day operations. 

For further questions please email or call 805-584-4400.