Huck Finn Fishing Derby

    Annual Huck Finn Fishing Derby Is Back!!

                 Saturday, April 27th 6:30-8:30am

                    Rancho Simi Community Park

The Derby will officially begin at the sound of the horn at approximately 6:30am. No lines are allowed in the water prior to that time. All lines must be out of the water by 8:30am and all fish weighed in no later than 8:45am. Fish caught before 6:30am and after 8:30am will not count. The award ceremony will be held at approximately 9:00am. Only one prize per child and the child with the winning entry must be present at the award ceremony to win. No exceptions.

There will be one weigh station directly in front of the amphitheater area, one weigh station on the far right side of the pond and another weigh station at the far left of the pond. Please take fish to the weigh station as soon as possible after being caught using a bucket or bag with water in it. The District encourages year round catch and release. While not mandatory, when possible we are requesting that fish be returned to the water so another young fisherman can enjoy catching it on another day.

There are three age categories:
- 8 yrs and under
- 9-12 years
-13-15 years

We will present 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards in each age category for HEAVIEST FISH CAUGHT BY CHILD.


This event is all about the joy of fishing and enjoying your time together! A few simple rules apply:

-Adult supervision is required for all age groups.
-All anglers must fish from the shoreline. Do not get in the water.
-Children must cast, hook and catch the fish on their own. Adults may assist with baiting the hook, netting the fish, removing fish hooks and untangling lines only.
-Due to the large number of participants surrounding the pond in close quarters, please use extreme caution when casting overhead.
-Only one pole in the water at a time per child.
-Observe and respect other people around you. Show good sportsmanship at all times.
-Please do not leave litter in your fishing area and be cautious and considerate of the waterfowl in and around the pond area.

                                       HAVE FUN!

                 THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS!

Anna Chris EstatesAmerican TrophiesSimi Elks Lodge