Medallion Hunt

2023 Medallion Hunt Winners!

The Medallion was found at the Oak Canyon Community Park (Dog Park)

2023 Medallion Hunt Clues

RSRPD has so many so many green spaces near and far to enjoy.
It’s early in the hunt, so of course we’re being coy.”

CLUE #2 
Just a reminder there are various designs of the hidden medallion. Look high, look low...
It's in a tight spot, not much room to spare, where it's located, gets some care.

I'm in a place between mountains... lush and green.
Where you must make traction, so no machine.
And if the rain returns, you might need to bounce over nature's brook to finally get a breathtaking look. 

If your hunt to the win is suddenly cut short, just use the small bridge as a last resort.

RSRPD Facebook Page for details. 

What is the Medallion Hunt you ask?
A medallion with our logo is hidden in one of our Simi Valley or Oak Park property locations. Clues are offered to help narrow down the search as to which Simi Valley or Oak Park location the medallion might be at. When the medallion is located, pick it up, bring it in and post that you found it or private message us on Facebook.

The medallion hunt was created to expose the community to new parks they may not have visited before. We encourage fun,  outdoor activity, so grab your family members and get out there.
Good luck and happy hunting!  

*Only one person can claim the prize, must be a Simi Valley or Oak Park resident and must be at least 18 years of age.