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Classroom Messages & Resources / Helpful Links
Hi Class! We miss you so much! We hope you are practicing your name, letters and numbers, and are doing your best! You are going to be great Kindergartners!! Sending you BIG Hugs!!!!
Miss Jenny, Miss Kathy, & Miss Sheila!

Hi friends! Wishing we could be together but we hope you're enjoying your time with your family. We hope you spend your time exploring, imagining, creating, building and learning something new each and every day. Adventure awaits right in your own backyard! Stay healthy and do not forget to SMILE!
Miss Kristen, Miss Trish, & Miss Kim

To our dear students & families! We hope you are all healthy and safe. We wish we could wrap all of you in a giant bear hug right now. We miss your laughter, creativity, and those a-ha moments. You all are so very smart, strong, brave and so very loved by us. Sending you all blessings, love and hugs!
Miss Brandy & Miss Maricela

Hi Kids! Just wanted to say how much we miss each and every one of you!! We think of you every day and love each and every one of you to pieces.
Miss Sharon & Miss Danielle

Hey friends! We sure miss seeing you all in the classroom and having fun and learning! We hope you are staying safe and healthy at home and continuing to learn and have fun! 
Miss Sarah & Miss Elena

Apps                                                         YouTube
                      Starfall                                                 Harry Kindergarten           
        LetterSchool                                           Learning Station
     ABCYA                                                   Jack Hartmann
          Go Noodle                                            Super Simple Songs


Activities at Home brought to you by RSRPD staff, including how-to videos, reading bingo, and coloring sheets!