RSRPD Disc Golf

Disc Golf Title
Come out and play in our first ever disc golf league! Players of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to play and compete in pools of similar players in a four week league. Winners of each pool will win a prize! Players will play the course at Sycamore Park and Sequoia Park each week. 

Can't play during the week? Play your rounds on the weekend! Playing in our softball league during the evenings? Play your rounds in the afternoon! Want to play with a friend in a different pool? Go for it!! This is a Flex Start league so you can play the courses on your own time and as many times as you want! Just make sure to submit your best scores no later than Sunday at 9pm!! 

Register below and submit your score for pool placement March 15 through April 9th. 

Weekly Deadlines
Placement Round: Sunday, April 9
Week 1: Sunday, April 18

Week 2: Sunday, April 25
Week 3: Sunday, May 2
Week 4: Sunday, May 4


Scores must be submitted using the  UDisc app. Only the first score you submit will be counted so choose carefully!