Welcome to the RSRPD Sports League and Fields Condition page. Here you will find information on the youth and adult sports leagues offered in Simi Valley and Oak Park. 
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For information on our youth and adult sports classes, please view the Simi Valley or Oak Park Reporter.

Below is the status of the athletic fields managed by RSRPD. Field status will be updated for league play on weekdays after 3:30pm and at 1:00pm on the weekends. Due to unpredictable changes in weather conditions, the most up to date information is available on our field conditions line at 805-584-4413. Statuses announced on the field condition line overrule conditions posted here.

Simi Valley Athletic Facilities
Apollo Softball Fields Open
Big Sky Open
Darrah Park Open
Houghton  Open
Knolls  Open
Rancho Madera
Rancho Santa Susana 
Rancho Simi
Rancho Tapo  Open
Santa Susana Park  Open
Oak Park Athletic Facilities  
Deerhill Open
Indian Springs  Open
Valley View  Open
Updated 12/30/19 at 2:40pm
Status posted is for all athletic fields at the complex unless otherwise noted.